Working life


Since last week I have had significant new domestic responsibilities. Mrs R has embarked upon a new career. She has reluctantly handed over her share of all cleaning, shopping and catering duties to me (well she wasn’t so reluctant to hand over the catering or the cleaning). She leaves to catch the train at the crack of dawn and returns in time for a tasty dinner.

I am pleased with my promotion from gardening, repairs and vehicle maintenance. She must have noticed how well I fixed the washing line last time. I have already started bookmarking interesting recipe websites and buying new gadgets for the kitchen.

Fitting the new duties around my two and a half part-time jobs makes diary management a challenge – especially now that I am primary taxi driver and event coordinator for the teenagers as well. I did suggest that we all shared a Google calendar or used Facebook invitations to notify each other of our various commitments, but Mrs R insisted that a paper calendar hanging on the kitchen wall would be more reliable and easier to use (I hope I remember to keep updating my phone from the calendar and vice versa…).

I feel I have adapted well to the new arrangements. It also appears as if Mrs R is getting to grips with the rigours of her work, if the text she sent on her way home last Friday is anything to go by:

Please would you put a large bottle of Pinot Grigio in the fridge?

4 Responses to “Working life”

  1. 1 Mike S

    1. Surely that should have read “Please would you put another large bottle of Pinot Grigio in the fridge?”. Any home caterer worth their salt would already have a selection of chilled wines and beers in their fridge?
    2. Perhaps you could devlop an app that uses your phone camera to scan in any entries on the paper calendar, and use optical recognition software to convert this to an entry in the phone calendar? Not sure how you’d get updates from your phone to the paper calendar though….that’ll be in v2 of the app.
    3. How does half a part -time job work?

    • Mike – half a part-time job is what 21st century is all about… I’m an “on demand” worker. When they need me, they call. If I’m busy, I decline. An “on demand” worker gets no job security, complete unpredictability and unreasonable demands. It’s the new normal.

      • “no job security, complete unpredictability and unreasonable demands. It’s the new normal.”
        Sounds like the new normal for everyone actually.

  2. 4 Kinside

    Go with the flow. Next thing you know, you’ll be multi-tasking, and juggling, all at the same time. Probably with the bottles of Pinot Grigio!

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