Carpe diem


Pancakes for tea. Very nice too.  We used up all the eggs, milk and sugar before Lent. Apart from the eggs, milk and sugar for breakfast tomorrow.

I’m not planning on giving up anything for Lent. Are you?

This is a good time of year for taking on the challenge of self-denial. The weather is getting warmer, the days are getting longer, there are few tempting treats on the horizon and few distractions in the home, office and high street. Early spring is a time for serious work and determination (if you are reading this in the southern hemisphere, please ignore the above paragraph).

But the thing is, I’m getting too old to care about improving my soul, or my body. I’m probably well past the halfway point in my life and I don’t have any serious vices (according to most popular science and some religions, sects and cults of the world). It would be a shame to waste 40 days of my slow and pleasurable decline in some form of, almost certainly temporary, abstinence. The time of enforced sensory and economic deprivation will come soon enough as my faculties fail. For now I recommend living for the moment.

And my birthday is coming up. On Sunday actually.


4 Responses to “Carpe diem”

  1. 1 Kinside

    I have no excuse for being late for your birthday now. Not that I ever need one 🙂 Have only just caught up on your costume dilemma, my suggestion would have been Emil, but suspect it’s not listed primary reading nowadays and it would still involve shorts. For Lent am trying to give up 3 course dinner wine, but still two left this term!

  2. 2 Mike S
  3. 3 Mike S

    However, I was disappointed by this story:-

    The headline ‘Norwich Couple Discover Giant Egg’ had me thinking “I didn’t know giants laid eggs”, and “I wonder if they’ll be able to hatch a baby giant”.

  4. 4 Mrs R

    I think I may give up buying birthday presents and making birthday cakes for Lent.

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