Sea view


It was a sunny morning. We went for a walk on a sandy Norfolk beach. It was not crowded. The sea lapped against the giant granite boulders of the offshore reefs.

We saw one harbour porpoise, leaping out of the water as it chased shiny mackerel for lunch.

We saw five seals in a lazy group group near the shore, following the fish as the tide rose.

We saw six CCTV cameras focused all along the beach to the north and south…

I’ve no idea why there are so many cameras observing the beach. Perhaps they are there to deter granite thieves from removing the sea defences. Perhaps dog-fouling is a big problem. Perhaps they have been installed to allow remote seal-watching. Perhaps there is a problem with anti-social behaviour at the high water mark. Perhaps they are part of an early warning system for floods (they didn’t look like underwater cameras).

The local website does not mention the dense surveillance network.

PS I passed my saxophone exam. Just. The pass mark is 100. I scored 106. This does not win me any accolades like ‘merit’ or ‘distinction’. But it is better than ‘fail’. I am less angry with myself.


10 Responses to “Sea view”

  1. 1 Sarah F

    Congrats on the pass. 1st daughter sat Grade 5 Friday, 2nd daughter did Grade 2 yesterday.

    Now the nervous wait!

  2. 3 Mike S

    Porpoises and seals eh – perhaps I’ll schedule a trip to the beach when I’m off for a few days next week 🙂

    PS Congratulations!

    • Thanks Mike. There’s probably a website where you can look at the beach in advance. Saves you the trip if it’s foggy.

  3. Congrats on passing!

    I think I passed my clarinet exam with a similar mark, 106 or 109. A pass is a pass!

  4. Congratulations Alex, onwards and upwards. Or something like that ;¬)

  5. 9 Amanda

    Woohoo. Looking forward to the CD.

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