Soft sell


“For a better life and a healthier planet”, proclaimed the advertising leaflet that came through the letterbox.

I was compelled to read on. A “better life” and a “healthier planet” are noble aspirations. I wondered if the leaflet was promoting a new religion or a miracle cure for cancer.

Apparently Kinetico can provide the world’s “best and smallest” water softeners. They have at least seven satisfied customers who are prepared to be quoted, although some of the quotes are baffling:

“My daughter loves her hair.” – Mrs A of Halstead

“The water is fantastic – it’s like going from hot to cold.” – Mr K of Sudbury

I couldn’t find any facts to substantiate the claim that life would be better if I bought a small water softener, even if I took up their offer to deliver “eco-friendly SALT” (I’m not convinced that any sodium chloride, as found in the sea and on chips, can be more or less eco-friendly than any other sodium chloride), but I accept that my towels might be more fluffy. Nor were there any facts to confirm that the planet would be more healthy if I bought one, although the shower head would probably work better.

Would anyone else like to share an example of misplaced advertising hyperbole?

2 Responses to “Soft sell”

  1. 1 Mike Brisco

    In ‘The Omnivore’s dilemma’, Michael Pollan quotes from the packaging blurb, on organic sirloin steak in WholeFoods supermarket, California.

    The packet told him, the steak was formerly part of an animal that spent its days “living in beautiful places” ranging from “plant-diverse, high-mountain meadows to thick aspen groves and miles of sagebrush-filled flats”.

    As Pollan commented – he probably isnt the only shopper, prepared to pay more, for a good story.

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