Safe to drink


The discovery of water on Mars will come as no surprise to the citizens of Edinburgh. It has been raining non-stop since we arrived on Saturday. Every building displays the tell-tale black streaks which have so excited NASA’s scientists. The locals already knew that water is the most abundant element in the universe.

There are also Martians on the streets. But this is less surprising during the festival fringe.

This year half the family is participating in fringe performances. Eldest daughter is doing her video wizardry in one show, youngest is in another show with Mrs R. in the band. The rest of us are spectating.

As usual I try to adopt local customs. I have already mastered the Edinburgh salute, which involves lifting your umbrella slightly as you pass someone in the street. Tomorrow I am planning to try a drink of Irn Bru.

3 Responses to “Safe to drink”

  1. 1 Camilla Herrmann

    Our favourite is the “Malhamdale wave”, described by Bill Bryson as just lifting the tip of a finger while driving a car. It is suitable for many purposes outside motoring and Yorkshire, and is often used in East Anglia.

  2. 2 Derek Wright

    Irn Bru, aye, it’s yer ither national drink!

  3. only drink irn bru tomorrow if you’re planning on drinking a lot of everything else. Scots swear by it as a good hangover cure but it’s only because it scares everything else out of your body.

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