Every year at the Edinburgh Fringe there are more comedians. This is because comedy is the new rock and roll. No one wants to be in a band any more.

In the official Fringe directory there are 134 pages of comedy shows, with about 8 shows on each page. Every day most of these 900+ comedians are somewhere in the city handing out small single page flyers which advertise their shows.

I doubt if there are enough visitors to attend 900+ questionable comedy shows each day. Some shows get an audience of 100, but there must be a few comedians who do not get a single spectator.

I do not choose to see comedians. I am afraid of being picked on. Many comedians like to have a bit of banter with the audience. This is because their material is weak. It is easy to get a quick laugh by mocking your audience. If you are one of only two people in the audience there is a good chance that you will be picked on.

If you are the only person in the audience there is less chance of being picked on. It would be more like a conversation with an extrovert stranger, for which you have paid £8.

PS Eldest daughter’s serious drama show was Fringe Pick of the Day on the Guardian website yesterday. I was a very proud father in the audience today.

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