3 minute warning


There was an announcement. “This train is arriving in London three minutes ahead of schedule.”

As I waited to disembark I thought about what I would do with the extra three minutes I had been given.

I could boil an egg. But I prefer my eggs to be boiled for five minutes and a rather soft egg seemed like a poor celebration of an extra 180 seconds in my life.

I could listen to ‘Ever fallen in love’ by the Buzzcocks, or half of ‘Mr Tambourine Man’. But as soon as I thought of the songs I knew that they would be playing in my head for hours, so I didn’t need to listen to them.

I could earn an extra 5% of my hourly rate by starting work ahead of plan. But I always round down my timesheet to the nearest hour.

I could train for months and then run six tenths of a mile in a near record breaking time for a marathon. But I would then waste another five hours finishing the remaining twenty-five and half miles.

I could watch the crucial moments of a penalty shootout in the world cup quarter finals. But I might pick the wrong minutes.

I could arrive home unexpectedly early one afternoon and surprise Mrs R. But she doesn’t generally like it when I surprise her.

It was a difficult choice. If you had three extra minutes in your life what would you do?

In the end I decided that the train company was probably only lending me the time. No doubt I would have to pay it back waiting for a delayed train or sitting somewhere near Colchester due to a “unit failure” or outside Manningtree due to “swans on the line”. When it happens I will make sure that for the first three minutes I don’t feel resentful at all.

2 Responses to “3 minute warning”

  1. 1 Camilla

    I think it would depend what my plans were for the 10 minutes after I’d got the three minutes. I would then have 30% more time to complete those plans so, for example, if I was walking to the office I could take a small diversion down a street I had never bothered to explore before, or stop to look at a nice view or an interesting building, or perhaps buy a pair of earrings (although I appreciate the last option might not appeal to you).

    • 2 Mrs R

      Might appeal to me though. And it wouldn’t be a surprise now.

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