Under the gum trees


Next time you are out and about, take a look at the pavement. If you are in the UK, I bet that you will see a black or grey splodge of discarded chewing gum somewhere within 3 metres.

I bet that you will not see somebody walking past barefoot.

In Brisbane you will not see much chewing gum on the floor.  But within five minutes you will someone walking barefoot.

I admit that my research into this has not been very scientific. I have based my conclusions on a couple of hours spent walking around the city yesterday and today. I saw at least a dozen barefoot walkers, including one man whose thong broke* right in front of me. But there is definitely a lot less gum on the streets.

Is there less gum because more people walk barefoot? Or do more people walk barefoot because there is less gum?

*flip flop

One Response to “Under the gum trees”

  1. Without meaning to undermine your philosophical musings i’d suggest the following: the temperature makes people more inclined to go barefoot, thus making fewer people inclined to drop gum.

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