Bracing trip


For a hot Sunday afternoon in June the beach was surprisingly empty. Everyone must have been busy somewhere else.

I decided to go for a swim. The tide was out and there was a flat expanse of sand before the gently breaking waves. Between the flat sand and I was a sloping stretch of shingle and flint.

Each year the tides and storms adjust the sand on my local beach. It is impossible to predict how stony the beach will be. This year there are a lot of stones.

I knew that the sea would feel cold. So I strode off down the beach, determined not to flinch. In three strides I reached the stones. My manly march immediately became a hobble as I gingerly picked the smoothest route. As soon as I trod on a sharp flint I lost sight of the smooth patch where I planned to plant my next step and lurched painfully sideways, swearing, in a distinctly un-macho little dance.

Once across the stones I resumed my manly march.  With long strides I entered the waves. At every step I slowed down. It was cold.  An unexpectedly high wave reached my groin. I flinched.  At that moment a crab nibbled my toe. I yelped in surprise and stumbled forward headlong into the next wave.

I emerged spluttering, blinking salt from my eyes and swam off. I decided that from a distance it probably looked like a bold dive into the surf. After 10 seconds the sea was lovely.

4 Responses to “Bracing trip”

  1. 1 Andy F

    So may be that would be the beach I was on during the morning, found a crab but it seemed quite lifeless. The sea was quite pleasant for paddling in, but the wind was a bit on the chilly side

  2. I’ve not been to the beach in a long time. How I remember the hobble/lurch over the stony bit. Good times.

  3. 3 Andy, at Aviva Perth

    The distance into the water at which the wave “reached my groin” is know as the “ohhhhhh zone”!

  4. 4 John

    I went for a paddle in a Scottish Lock last week and by god it was cold, despite being a very hot day. On Sunday I let my dog go for a swim in the sea and I followed her in and it felt possitively Mediterranean compared to the loch. Still had the groin shock though, is it just a bloke thing – do ladies have the equivilent?

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