Risk management


Did you see the pictures of the plane that parachuted to a gentle crash landing in a garden in Cheltenham last week?

Did you also wonder, like me, why don’t all planes have giant parachutes in case they crash? It seems obvious really. The same logic as having seven airbags in a car. You hope you won’t need them, they won’t be useful in all circumstances, but they only need to be useful once.

Why stop at planes? Why not fit large inflatable bags to boats and cruise liners?… I googled it. They already exist.

Inflatable crash helmets for cyclists? Yep – they already exist too.

What about airbags for elderly people who might fall and break their hip?… Google shows that these were invented and rolled out in Japan in 2008.

Risk management is all about reducing the probability of an accident (collision avoidance, good maintenance, careful assistance, evolution) and reducing the impact of the accident if it happens (parachutes, lifejackets and airbags). What more can we do?

2 Responses to “Risk management”

  1. Airbags on computer keyboards to cushion the impact when you fall asleep completing your risk assessment forms?


  2. 2 Graham

    Preventative maintenance is a good thing and I do a lot of it around the house particularly in the autumn ready for winter. Things like oiling hinges and door locks to keep those moving parts moving through the winter months, polishing the car which I do once a year in September/October to keep the weather away from the paint, also making sure the linen line is securely fix to prevent it from falling and dragging your washing on the floor.

    The last one was for those mature readers who remember such drama’s.

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