I unloaded the shopping from the car and wondered what the faint hissing noise was. Once I’d unpacked the bags and put all the groceries away I concluded that I had not purchased an angry snake or a leaking bottle of pop.

But I had picked up a nail in the tyre of the car. It was not conveniently in the tread where a simple puncture repair could be effected. It was expensively in the sidewall, where the only remedy is to buy a new tyre.

Never mind. Of course it is always a tyre with plenty of tread left that gets ruined. This is possible proof of the existence of a deity with limited power and a wicked sense of humour.

The morning was scheduled to be busy, but I thought it would be a job of moments to jack up the vehicle and whip off the wheel to take to the friendly garage down the road.

An hour later I was sweatily whacking the wheel with a large hammer. All the wheelnuts came out easily but the wheel was stuck to the hub. It wouldn’t budge. With a sigh I found the footpump, replaced all the nuts and reinflated the tyre sufficiently to drive to the garage.

The mechanic had a larger hammer. The wheel was removed. The tyre was diagnosed dead. The replacement options were discussed.

“When do you need it by?”

“Today?… I’ve got to drive to London in the morning.”

There was some phoning around. A close match was found eventually… and a mere six hours later I was back on the drive with a shiny new tyre. My various jobs for the day in ruins and my eyes still watering at the price.

After a century of mass automotive transport, why do we still have car tyres which can be disabled by a nail?

Surely there must be a better way of joining two bits of wood?

6 Responses to “Deflated”

  1. some kind of adhesive paste perhaps?

    • Drew – sounds kind of tacky.

      • Eee by gum, i’m screwed for a better solution. It’s a bit of a bind and no mistake. Soon as I think of summat I’ll bolt back ‘ere though. Stick with it.

  2. 4 Andy F

    Just the one tyre, how lucky are you. I’ve just had a double puncture in side walls of both nearside tyres, courtesy of good old Norfolk flint. Like you say, both tyres with plenty of tread still on them.

    • Andy – commiserations. Sharp flints sticking out of a muddy verge no doubt. Stone age man knew a thing or two about material science.

  3. 6 ann

    I tried mending a side wall with ‘No More Nails’ adhesive which I thought was rather appropriate. It didn’t work.

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