Where’s Wally?


At last Facebook has stopped showing me adverts for single women in Queensland and discount vouchers for supermarkets in New Zealand. My browsing habits have never displayed a focus on either or these, honestly!

Now all I get are adverts for insurance products aimed at people over 55 and tourist attractions within 20 miles of my home in Norfolk.

The thing is I have never told FB where I live. I’d be surprised if the IP address policy at my ISP would make such geographical precision possible.

Can they be triangulating my position using the location of my friends? How clever!

5 Responses to “Where’s Wally?”

  1. I generally use firefox with adblocker on, though I’m now slightly curious to know what adverts facebook would be showing me if I could see them.

  2. Alex, have you retired from blogging? I’ve just come back from a month away and found…. no posts. Normally you tell us when normal service is suspended – have I missed something?

  3. Camilla – sorry for the interruption. I had a busy spell followed by an uninspired patch followed by a holiday. August should see me back to normal blogging duties.

  4. 4 ben

    As your last post was “where’s Wally”, I wondered if the absence of posts indicated we were meant to go and find your blog somewhere hidden in the web. Which led me to wonder, what is the digital equivalent of a stripey shirt and bobble hat?

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