Farenheit 451


In the last few days I have read a newspaper article and two separate blog postings about people who are discarding their CD collections because all their music is now stored digitally. They all claimed that they were motivated to declutter their homes and getting rid of all those CDs was helpful.

Writing as someone who has a number of CDs, a similar number of cassette tapes and a collection of vinyl records gathering dust around the house, I admire these people.

At some point I would like to declutter my home. I know that I can transfer all the music to a hard disk or into the cloud if I want. It would take a bit of time to upload them all, but it is quite feasible.

Books are a bigger decluttering challenge.

I have a lot of books. More than the CDs, cassettes and vinyl put together. Even the smallest book is larger than a CD. If I digitised all the books we could probably move to a smaller house. Or open a small, eclectic library.

But how can I digitise the books? I don’t want to repurchase them all as e-books (some of them might not be available anyway).

Does anyone have a suggestion that will help me migrate my books to a memory stick?

6 Responses to “Farenheit 451”

  1. 1 drew

    Well, there’s always project gutenberg for any out-of-copyright stuff

    • Drew – yes. I’m probably not the only person who has already loaded up an e-reader with old classics that I’ve never read (and probably never will) just in case I find myself trapped for hours in a tube tunnel with no internet connection.

      • have you been looking at my library? I have read a couple of Kiplings but I’m not sure I’ll ever get round to the Brothers Karamazov…

      • But The Brothers Karamazov is brilliant! Seriously. 🙂

  2. Doh! I shall add that to the ever-growing list then :~)

  3. 6 Adele

    I have a vast quantity of guttenberg classics on my kindle, I may get around to them eventually. I’ve moved all my CD’s to digital, did it a few years ago, well, the only CD player we have had for years is in the car, and I had to get rid of 90% of my books when we put in our loft extension, we didn’t have room for a library, but I do still admit to (much to my husbands annoyance) still maintaining a large and ever growing vinyl collection, well, the old ones are the best anyhow!

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