An ambulance sped by. The siren dropped in pitch as it passed me. The Doppler effect. The sound waves emitted from a moving object are bunched together as it approaches and further apart as it recedes.

Have you noticed that the weekend has a Doppler effect? On a Friday as it approaches, it seems to stretch out ahead of you full of opportunities to get things done. On a Sunday evening, it has been too short and there wasn’t time to get everything finished.

It is the same with holidays, special events and your whole lifetime. Time seems longer as it approaches and shorter as it passes.

The Doppler effect can act as a proof that something is moving. Astronomers use the slight shift in the spectrum of light waves to tell whether a star is moving towards us or away from us (red – moving away, blue – approaching).

So (important new theory coming up – hold the Nobel Prize), if we can observe a Doppler effect in the passage of time. It must mean that something is moving. Either we are moving in relation to future and past events, or the events themselves are moving.

Have you ever had one of those moments when time stood still? You might have been doing something or experiencing something that was so absorbing that time did not seem to pass.

Did you also notice that when time stood still, other people didn’t necessarily notice?

That, dear readers, proves that we are individually moving through time, rather than time passing around us. If time passed, it would stand still for all of us at the same time. It doesn’t.

I’m not sure what to do with my new theory and proof of the immobility of time. I like the idea that if you could run fast enough alongside the ambulance the siren would sound the same all the time.

Is there a way to sustain that “in the moment” feeling in time? You would experience something constant but everyone around you would get younger.

It would be like travelling in the ambulance itself. Sort of.

2 Responses to “Doppler”

  1. 1 drew

    This is going to require more than a quick bit of thought, if only we weren’t approaching the weekend…
    I’ll try and remember to think about it again on wednesday afternoon about 3pm, things are normally dragging a bit by then.

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