Immortal task


I glanced at the article. A list of 50 things to do before you die. Space-filling journalism. Of course I started reading it and adding up my score.

I was doing pretty well. Only a few to go and then presumably I will die.

But, what’s this? Number 21: “Visit all of Britain’s historical landmarks.”

ALL of them? Perhaps I will live longer than I expect.

I did some research. I started with England, on the assumption that England, with a higher population density since the last ice age will have more historic landmarks than Wales or Scotland.

The National Trust has 200 stately homes and castles. English Heritage has got 400 properties. Hmm. A total of 600 visits might be manageable. Oh, hang on… The National Trust also has a collection of 73,000 archaeological and historic sites. English Heritage has a register of over 400,000 listed buildings, parks, gardens, battlefields, shipwrecks and scheduled monuments.

If I include Wales and Scotland there are going to be more than 500,000 historical landmarks. If I visit one a day it’s going to take more than 1300 years.

It will be quite a challenge to fit them all in. I only managed two today.

6 Responses to “Immortal task”

  1. 1 Andy L.

    Are you into double figures yet?!

    • Well… I did go to London last week, so I probably passed a good 20 sites just walking from the tube station to the office. Although, because I have passed them many times in the past… I’m not sure if they count.

      • And I walked past Cromer golf course the other day. A couple of people playing there looked like historical landmarks 🙂

  2. 4 Mike S

    I think you’re understimating the task – you need to apply a mathematical function to derive the number of additional ‘Historial Landmarks’ that will be created during he 1300 years it takes to visit the existing ones.
    Do you have any figures on the net number of Historical Landmarks generated per year?

    • Can I consider a landmark to become historical while I am still alive? Or is it just an old news item?

  3. Seems the people that wrote that list didn’t do the maths.

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