When I was on the tube today I didn’t see the Queen, although apparently she was there. She was naming a new underground train. She already has an eponymous boat, overground train, hospital, bridge and portion of Antarctica.

I think that ordinary citizens should have the chance to donate their names to pieces of infrastructure. Therefore I propose a new infrastructure naming lottery.

When a new piece of infrastructure, a public building, a train, a bridge, a satellite, a nuclear power station or a highway is created, there should be a public lottery for the right to give it your name (or the name of a loved one). For a small fee you could enter the draw and all money raised could be used to buy new buildings, trains etc.

Perhaps there could be more than one prize. The main prizewinner would get to name something impressive, but a few dozen lesser prizewinners could give their names to mobile phone base stations, sea defences and mini-roundabouts.

4 Responses to “Unveiling”

  1. 1 Andy L.

    What about 9 year-old Daisy Morris who`s had a dinosaur named after her – see http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-hampshire-21850080. That beats a train!

  2. Poor lass has peaked early though, where does she go from here?

  3. 3 Tina

    random and unrelated post .. although much enjoyed the ‘unveiling’ … I thought this might be a piccy you might be interested in (or not) if you haven’t seen it already … (http://www.retronaut.com/2013/04/norwich-city-councils-first-computer-being-delivered)

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