Perfect communication


I was hoping for some 50th birthday greetings, but my inbox presented me with an email entitled “Seven steps to communicating perfectly”. I read it attentively.

There was a numbered list of 12 steps in the body of the email.

Step 6 was my favourite: “Match the other person’s body language in a subtle and respectful way. This helps support a rapport between you during the conversation and makes open dialogue more comfortable”.

I’ve been told about this before. It is one of the few things that I remember from my communications training. But I have always been quite cautious about following the advice.

What happens if the person you are communicating with is matching your body language in a “subtle and respectful way” as well? I’m sure that this once happened to me in a business discussion. He leant forward, so I leant forward. I sat back, he sat back. I’m not sure which one of us crossed our legs first, but we followed each other so diligently crossing our legs one way and then the other that for a time it looked as if we were synchronized swimmers.

Next time it happens I shall follow step 12: “Be honest and authentic”.

“Are you copying me?” I will ask.

6 Responses to “Perfect communication”

  1. 1 Becki Casey

    Congratulations on the big 50 🙂

  2. 2 Mike S

    Happy (belated) 50th Birthday, Alex!

  3. 3 Graham

    Happy Birthday Alex, may you enjoy many more.

  4. 4 Andy L.

    Remember – birthdays are good for you. The more you have the longer you live!

  5. Happy Birthday Alex, hope you had a good day. I must warn you though that you have fallen into the marketeers little trap. There are 12 tips but only 7 of them will lead to perfect communication. The others are red-herrings and now you’ll have to book their exclusive 3-day executive communication course to find out which ones…

  6. Thank you all for your kind wishes! 🙂
    I am copying your body language respectfully.

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