Sex talk


It’s official. Men become less intelligent when they are interacting with women.

Researchers from Radboud University in the Netherlands have shown that heterosexual men demonstrate impaired cognitive performance during and after an interaction with a woman – any woman – in person, on the telephone or online. In fact men’s performance is below par even when they simply anticipate an interaction with a woman.

Women do not show equivalent cognitive impairment when interacting with men.

This explains a lot. For example, Mrs R has always said that I must be a different person at work because my (male) colleagues have always spoken highly of my performance, but when I’m in her presence my performance can be disappointing – so to speak.

I particularly like the way the report says “people engage in pseudo-interaction with a woman…or anticipate interacting with a woman later on”.  Many frustrated teenage boys will recognise this situation. Cognitive impairment is almost permanent for several years presumably. Perhaps this is why girls are outperforming boys in education from 14 – 19 and beyond?

In the interests of balanced blogging, I have investigated causes of cognitive impairment in women.  I didn’t find much. Apparently women are more cognitively consistent. At least that’s what I think they were saying… I found it a bit hard to concentrate.

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