A matter of fact


For a mere 20 pence I bought an e-book of 1,227 facts. What a bargain! Over 60 facts per penny.

I got a lot of pleasure from chuckling and then reading curious facts aloud to Mrs R whilst she was trying to get on with something else. She was not as amused as I expected and she doesn’t seem as interested in facts as I am.

For example:

“The internet weighs about the same as one large strawberry.”


“Since 2012 all new 5p and 10p coins issued by the Royal Mint have been magnetic.”


Kummerspeck (‘grief bacon’) is German for the weight put on from eating too much when feeling sorry for yourself.”

I could go on…

Hang on. I’ve just checked the price of Chambers Dictionary on Amazon. That works out at 320 facts per penny. I’ve been done.

One Response to “A matter of fact”

  1. 1 Adele Chaplin

    Ah yes, I too purchased the QI book 🙂

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