Token gesture


Good news!  The makers of Monopoly are planning to replace one of the tokens in the game with a more modern icon, which is “more representative of today’s Monopoly players”.

The current tokens, which include a small dog, a car, a battleship, a boot, a thimble, an iron, a top hat and a wheelbarrow are all candidates in a vote to see which should be dumped.

I’ve never seen a wheelbarrow in any game that I have played. Have you? I wonder if that is a decoy candidate to separate the true aficionados from Facebook trolls…

I can see why the battleship might be out of date. The Royal Navy can no longer afford battleships.  The thimble is also becoming unfashionable, but I’d be prepared to wager that sewing is on the verge of a mega-comeback. The dog will remain with us. And the car. The top hat would probably have been a safe bet to win the ballot until recently, but I’ve seen a few hipsters in top hats in the last year.  Many hipsters also wear boots. But they don’t look as if they know how to use an iron. So on balance I think that the iron or the battleship will get the chop.

The associated Facebook page offers a new selection of tokens to choose from: a robot, a helicopter, a ring, a guitar and a cat. You can help choose one of these to be the representative object.

What a hopeless selection!

Neither a ring nor a cat is representative of anything particularly modern (except an optimistic view of relationships and a delusion that wild animals can be legitimately owned). They are timeless. And who cares about a helicopter these days? Even James Bond barely bothers with them. The guitar is just lazy. Why not a saxophone or a banjo? A robot is possibly an ironic joke. Monopoly is one of the few successful board games which requires no automation in a world full of video games and apps.

There is only one serious possibility to replace a token on the Monopoly board. It’s not in the ballot, but the answer has to be: a mobile phone.

4 Responses to “Token gesture”

  1. Why do some things have to change? Hubby and I sat down to play Monopoly the other Saturday. I am always the car so I hope that doesn’t go!
    I am still kicking myself for not buying the I Love Lucy monopoly set!

  2. 2 Fiona from Perth

    Kids got my partner a “World of Warcraft” monopoly set for Christmas. havent opened it yet but will need to google to see what the tokens are in there – have a feeling that the boot and car will not be there 🙂

  3. perhaps a small, genetically engineered windfarm?

  4. 4 Fiona from Perth

    And the decision was…

    … to replace the iron with a cat. I am putting in an official complaint, via this blog, as I always played as te iron and I dont like cats so will need to play as the boot now.

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