On cue


Prince Harry may be a fine young man, but I was shocked by what happened in Las Vegas. I accept that the Royal Family should move with the times, but as a citizen of the realm I feel strongly that certain standards should be upheld.

I am appalled that the brother of our future King could be so bad at billiards. How could he possibly lose a game against an American lady?

The royal families of Europe have been playing billiards for more than five hundred years. Mary Queen of Scots was wrapped in the cloth off her billiard table after her execution (bet she wished she had played better in that match). Wars have probably been started (and avoided) over a game of billiards.

I almost think that Prince Harry lost on purpose. But that is not the sort of thing that the brother of a future monarch would do.

And what sort of hotel room has got a billiard table in it…? Kettle – yes. Mini-bar – sometimes. Trouser press – perhaps. Ten foot long green baize covered slate bedded table weighing three hundred pounds – not in the hotels that I have stayed in. But I’ve never been to Vegas.

One Response to “On cue”

  1. 1 Adele Chaplin

    Having been to the Wynn in Las Vegas (where Harry was caught in flagrante delicto) I can quite believe that there’s a pool table (as that’s what the american billiard table gets called sometimes) in one of the big rooms – I stayed in the Luxor and my “average” room (suite!) had a jacuzzi! But I agree, the standards of billiard playing in this country is obviously slipping and the government should do something about it – perhaps it’s an opportunity for a Free School…

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