Body double


I’m sure that you have already experimented to find out which Olympian you match on the BBC website. I have come to this a bit late, but this evening I was pleased to learn that I have the body of cyclist or a handball player.

My self-congratulation was short-lived.

“I expect that the cyclist’s weight is distributed here,” said Mrs R pinching my thigh, “rather than here,” and poking my belly rather unkindly.

11 Responses to “Body double”

  1. 1 Derek

    You’re lucky. My match is a 6′ 4″ volleyball lady!

  2. Could be worse, I matched up with a weight lifter who is, by my elementary calculations, about 2.5 times stronger than I am…

  3. 6 Adele Chaplin

    I’ll swap you, I’m matched with Abdul Buhari, Team GB (Mens) Discus Thrower! #timeforadiet

  4. I’m not prepared to share my match but lets just say in the last week I’ve ran, biked and played tennis to try and change it!

    • Sarah – running… cycling…. tennis…. Multiple sports eh? It’s Jessica Ennis isn’t it? You are just being modest 🙂

  5. 9 Steve M

    I, too, matched with a cyclist, Colombian C.Oquendo Zambala. Sadly, my weight distribution may not quite match, either

    I also match with a Dutch Judo player, G. Elmont. As a 3rd dan (former) Judo player myself, I feel that’s a much better fit.

  6. I am now incredibly late to this, but it’s worth it to find I match up with Victoria Pendleton.

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