Yr Wyddfa


The view from the top of Snowdon today was limited. The inside of a cloud looks the same wherever you are. We huddled out of the wind to eat our sandwiches and hurried down again.

The ascent brought to 3 the total number of the three nation’s highest summits that we have climbed as a family. Some people complete the Three Peaks (Ben Nevis, Snowdon and Scafell Pike) within 24 hours. It has taken us nine years. All four offspring were with us in a heatwave on Ben Nevis in 2003… we were down to two teenagers on a sunny day on Scafell Pike in 2009… and there was just one teenager left in the mist this year, who complained bitterly before the climb and then bounded up and down the mountain well ahead of her ageing parents before falling asleep in the car as soon as the engine started on the way back to the campsite.

The weather has not put me off. I love Wales. Especially the language. It must be such fun to speak a completely incomprehensible tongue and to use vowels so economically. I’m now wondering whether I will be able to find a Welsh teacher in Norwich. I’d like to master the rudiments before my next visit.

5 Responses to “Yr Wyddfa”

  1. 1 Adele Chaplin

    Well, you can speak Russian, I’m sure Welsh can’t be that different! http://www.alphatutors.co.uk/acadv/Norwich/Welsh/ 🙂

    • Adele – Cyrillic script is a lot easier to read than, say, Fel y rhan fwyaf o fynyddoedd Eryri, ffurfiwyd creigiau’r Wyddfa yn y cyfnod Ordoficaidd..

      • 3 Adele Chaplin

        True – far too many consonants in that sentence! But than you for enlightening us about Snowdonia like that 🙂

      • The welsh vowel shortage can be directly traced to the prince regent’s decision, in 1643, to export them to france to use in words like “adieu”.

        (with apologies to Rich Hall)

  2. 5 OneSteveM

    I wonder if Miranda can help with a correspondence course from NZ.

    PS. Currently exploring the Lake district with teenage step-step granddaughter in tow. She was stoic in the face of the Langdale
    Pikes. Although was far more fleet of foot in descent than in ascent.

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