There’s an app for that


Trying to arrange a teleconference with two different places in the southern hemisphere, one of which has just changed to summer time, one of which hasn’t, I was painstakingly counting hours ahead of GMT.

“There must be an easier way to do this,” I thought, “I bet there’s an app for that.”

There was.

Which reminds me of an ongoing family game…

I’m lost… There’s a map for that.

I want a cat… There’s a flap for that.

The sun’s in my eyes… There’s a cap for that.

I want a drink of water… There’s a tap for that.

And my favourite:

I’m really tired… There’s a nap for that.

Since it’s Friday (peak viewing day for this blog), please join in with your comments. We might go viral.

17 Responses to “There’s an app for that”

  1. 1 Sarah F

    I need a new pair of jeans………there’s a Gap for that

  2. 2 rob h

    I need an outdated moethod of viewing websites on my mobile….. Theres a WAP for that.

  3. I need some Music of Black Origin – There’s a rap for that.
    I need a secure wireless portal – There’s a wap for that?

    • Sorry Drew – Rob got there first, but I was slow to moderate so you couldn’t see it. Just in case anyone was thinking you didn’t read the comment above.

      You can give me a slap for that.

  4. Cant find a tile to play in dominoes … theres a chap for that

    Keep adding ridiculous comments … there a slap for that

  5. 6 rob h

    I need a provactive dance….. Theres a lap for that?!?!!!

    clutching at straws slightly on that one.

  6. 7 Sarah F

    I need a photo of Victoria Beckham………There’s a pap for that

  7. 8 Mike S

    I’ve invented an annoying family game….there’s a slap for that?

  8. 9 Paul Smith

    Do you have a rash? – There’s CLAP for that
    Need to find an octogenarian? – There’s an OAP for that
    I need a C&W Voice & Data access point – There’s a SAP for that
    Need to find a Tazer? …….wait for it………..There’s a ZAP for that

  9. 10 Mike S

    I need a file type for holding my solution architecture diagrams….there’s a .eap for that…….
    (It might not seem funny to the uninitiated, but users of the Sparx Systems Enterprise Architecture tool will be laughing their socks off)

  10. 11 Graham

    I need somewhere to put my bacon on a Sunday morning… theres a Bap for that.

  11. 12 Andy, Perth

    I need a dance …. there`s a tap for that.

  12. 13 Steve M

    You’re feeling peckish? There’s a bap for that.

    Need some latex? There’s a sap for that

    That pedestrian is about to cross the road in front of you? There’s a pap for that.

    You need a vee twin engine for your 3 wheeler? There’s JAP for that.

  13. 14 Steve M

    I didn’t mention the mouse. There’s a trap for that

    You’ve enjoyed all of the above? There’s a clap for that.

  14. Thank you everyone. Especially Steve M, who obviously had a quiet day at work…

    You all deserve a treat for your cheerful contributions. I’d love to give a you a present you can unwrap for that.

  15. Well done all, i think we deserve a knocking of fists together as a greeting, or form of respect. There’s a dap for that…

  16. 17 Andy, Perth

    Our farmers need subsidies. There`s a CAP for that.

    I`m looking for a working class cartoon character with a flat hat. There`s an Andy Capp for that.

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