Buzz off


Has anyone else encountered a lot of wasps in the house this autumn? Usually we get three or four solitary wasps buzzing around the curtains and tops of the windows on the occasional sunny day from late September until the first frost. They are looking for somewhere warm and quiet to hibernate. Unfortunately they are not very popular indoors when there are lots of perfectly good wasp-dormitories outside.

This year I have found up to half a dozen wasps a week somewhere in the house. Recently they have all been the large variety, but before that we had an assortment of sizes – heavyweights, lightweights, welterweights… And they keep appearing  – they are not the same ones every time just being fussy about their lodgings, because I have grown intolerant and kill them when I see them.

Just the other morning, after Mrs R. had got out of bed, she lifted up her pillow and discovered the largest wasp yet looking dozily up at her. I was still asleep on the other side of the bed. I can appreciate the wasp’s good judgement in choosing our bed for hibernation – it is very comfy – but I cannot recommend being awoken by someone whacking down a rolled up newspaper very hard close to your ear.

One Response to “Buzz off”

  1. We’re still having slug related problems 😦

    Not sure which is worse, slug or wasp. Probably wasps!

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