Back story


The Prime Minister and I have a number of things in common, so I was pleased to hear that we also share a back problem.

I suppose that his bulging disk might have been caused by the mighty burden of high office. Mine is usually caused by putting on my socks or getting something out of the kitchen cupboard.

It was no surprise to hear that his back problem had flared up whilst on holiday. Mine almost always recurs when we are on holiday. It first happened when I was in my early twenties, whilst staying in the Lake District. On one memorable occasion I spent a week hobbling around the Edinburgh festival with a walking stick, bent sideways so far that I could not remain standing unaided (this did not cause me to appear conspicuous amongst the regular inhabitants of Edinburgh).

David Cameron probably has lots of people giving him advice. I very much doubt that he needs mine, but here it is… Walk a lot. The gentle rocking of the pelvis will ease the pain and realign your vertebrae. You could also do some exercises to strengthen your core muscles, but I’ve lost my instruction sheet so I can’t remember what the exercises are. Oh, and don’t spent a lot of time sitting at your desk or in meetings.

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