Cat nav


Judging by the size of the nest and the amount of collateral gnawing, the mouse and his family had been living next to the spare wheel in the car for some months.

It is a good thing that I got round to taking off the winter wheels yesterday. I’m not sure how much damage a family of mice can do in a car, but it is probably quite a lot. This may, for example, explain the mysterious light-bulb-defective warning light that sometimes comes on and off for no apparent reason.

Presumably the mouse moved in one frosty night in December when the car was parked in the garage. The space under the floor in the boot would have been warm and cosy. The polystyrene moulding for the jack, wrench and toolkit contains some perfectly mouse-sized cavities. He was probably chuckling with delight as he reported back to his family that he had put down a deposit on their new winter home.

The nest was vacant when I discovered it. I don’t know if the mice were out somewhere in the spring sunshine, or whether they had disembarked, a bit puzzled, in a random car park somewhere else. Either way, I don’t want them back.

My list of requirements for a new car has been extended slightly. It now needs to be mouse-proof (probably impossible) or at least it needs a cat-flap. And a cat.

7 Responses to “Cat nav”

  1. 1 Andy L.

    Perhaps your next car should be a “big cat”, i.e. a Jaguar!

    • I don’t think my budget will run to a Jag. But, didn’t Nissan once make a little car called “Pussy”? Or was it a Reliant who made a car called “Kitten”? One of those might be cheaper…

  2. 3 ann

    I believe modern cars are fitted with cats as standard, somewhere around the exhaust. But they contain some expensive metal and get stolen a lot. Probably by car owners with mouse issues?

  3. 5 Graham

    Andy L make a good point, I have a “big cat”, i.e. a Jaguar and have never found a mouse anywhere near it, that must be proof it works.

  4. I used to have a mouse that lived in my old micra, I did wonder how confused it got with the regular trips between Norfolk and Yorkshire.

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