In passing


It was a pleasure to bump into some blog readers and former colleagues at a quiet lunchtime café yesterday. I’m worried that my perfunctory greeting seemed a bit anti-social, so I’d just like to greet them again here.

Hello folks! Great to see you all. I didn’t mean to seem offhand, but (1) I am a bit anti-social and (2) I was on my lunch break from job number 1 and seizing the opportunity to do some work for job number 2, which is why I quickly got my head into my laptop over my cheese and ham toasted sandwich. I would have liked to chat a bit more. Maybe next time… And I thought you all looked exactly the same. Just as young and relaxed as ever. Long may it continue.

One Response to “In passing”

  1. 1 Andy F

    Good to see you too Alex, but you seemed quite busy and would not have wanted to be interrupted by our banal conversation. It was an ad-hoc gathering of former members of the long since disbanded HUON systems team.
    These infrequent occurences happen as and when Steve Bell organises them, I’m sure he’d be happy to invite you. The attendance is variable and seems to consist of happy persons in full or semi-retirement and less happy persons still somehow out of necessity employed at Aviva.

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