Crime waves


I don’t want to suggest that life is quiet here in Norfolk, but the main news story in the local paper this morning was about the disappearance of sand from our beaches.

At first I thought that this was an extension of the trend of copper theft, which has disrupted transport and communications in recent years. I imagined that the thieves, having stolen all the available metals, were now stealing unrefined glass and selling it to China.

But no, the story is about the theft of sand by the sea. Many weeks of easterly winds have scoured much of the sand from the shoreline. It is now suspended in the murky water or piled up a few fathoms below the surface.

Fortunately I have lived here long enough to know that the sand always comes back. The sea can never live with a guilty conscience and a spell of south-westerly breezes will cause it to confess and restore the borrowed goods. It will be sandy once again from Cromer to Lowestoft before the holidaymakers arrive.

I am prepared to bet that the return of the sand will not be front page news.

2 Responses to “Crime waves”

  1. 1 Tony

    Could this be connected to the wind stealing the fens’ soil? Co-incidence or conspiracy?

    • Blimey Tony, you could be right. A battle of the classical elements. Air and Water in a “land grab” against Earth…. The big question is who will Fire side with? My bet is a shaky alliance with Water and Air (I can’t see Fire trying to take on Water directly). Earth could be in for some difficult times, but it has always played the long game.

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