Best practice


In the spirit of not being a man-of-my-age I must disagree (belatedly) with research from the University of Oregon which concludes that men reach their competitive peak when aged 45-54.

I am the least competitive man of 50 I know. I bet that there isn’t anyone less competitive than me.

Take board games for example. I never play them if I can help it. No point. I’m so uncompetitive, I never win. So I don’t bother…

…Except the occasional game of Scrabble with Mrs R. She always wins. I don’t like to try too hard because she has spent so much time memorising all the two and three-letter words in the dictionary.  It is only fair that I give her the chance to parade her knowledge and skill.

I wanted to make sure that this blog posting was up to the usual highest standard, so I conducted in depth research into what a man-of-my-age should be good at.

At first I was surprised to read in the Sun that “asked when they had their best sex, 40 per cent of 1,281 people polled said NOW. And those in their 50s and 60s said they had their best sex aged 46.” (Presumably “NOW” didn’t mean right at that moment. Or is there something about market researchers?). 46? Oh.

Then I turned to another useful source of validated research and saw that I’m still ascending towards my peak. In just three years I will be at my most romantic…

3 Responses to “Best practice”

  1. 1 Andy L.

    No comment yet from Mrs. R. on the last sentence?!

    • 2 Mrs R

      Why just the last sentence? I could comment on the whole posting… but I’m not going to 😉

  2. 3 Mike S

    I can’t help thinking there’s some sort of link between this post, and your previous ‘Sporty Model’ post…

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