Sporty model


I’m thinking about replacing the car. Many men of my age look for something low slung and sporty, to recapture the thrills of their youth.

I am not a man of my age. I want to get something capacious and sedate with heated seats and a connection for my iPod. The remaining teenager at home has said that any new vehicle must be large enough to transport a double bass and “must not be embarrassing”.

Mrs R. says that she likes the existing car…  I asked her exactly what it was that she liked about it, so that I could add these features to the ‘must have’ list that I have prepared on a spreadsheet with columns to compare similar vehicle specifications. When we last chose a car she was keen to ensure that family members would be safe and it would be easy to park.

“What do I like about it?” She pondered. “It really shifts when you put your foot down… and it can go very fast round corners.”

Mid-life crisis material?

4 Responses to “Sporty model”

  1. 1 Mike S

    I’m with Mrs R. here….but apparently I don’t “need” something low-slung and sporty 😦

  2. 2 ann

    I knew someone who got an ex hearse to transport a double bass. Not sure if that counts as embarrassing for a teenager though? They generally seem to have rather large engines, so I guess they go a bit and it would be fun to overtake something sporty in one, in my opinion.

  3. I have a daewoo tacuma that fits my double bass in but I suspect that it might fail the “not embarassing” test. It would definitely fail on Mrs R’s requirements as well.

  4. 4 Adele

    I can recommend an xc60 – fits my bass nicely and has an ipod connection – and it’s not too embarrassing!

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