We could be twins


Michelle Obama and I will both shortly celebrate our 50th birthdays. We clearly have a lot in common. One of us is married to a powerful, popular figure who is steadfast in opinion and intractable in debate. The other is married to Barack Obama.

Michelle is intently scrutinised as a role model and fashion icon. She has the world’s press poised to comment and criticise her outfits and behaviour. I have a teenage daughter.

We both live in a white house. Although mine is a duller shade these days because I don’t have a substantial publicly funded budget for redecoration.

As middle-age takes its inexorable toll on looks, health and fitness, Michelle fights back with a new hairstyle, visits to the gym and emphasis on healthy eating. I have also got a new fringe, which is gradually starting higher on my forehead. I have adjusted the recline setting on my office chair to provide more resistance for my daily workout and I have put some healthy food in the fridge.

Neither of us knows what we are likely to be doing in four year’s time.

2 Responses to “We could be twins”

  1. 1 Mike S

    “An intelligent Oxbridge graduate, aged around 50, with the abiltiy to amuse and entertain the public while maintaining a ‘proper’ professional career”.
    Oh no – I’m thinking of Dr Phil Hammond, aren’t I…

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