Memory test


I don’t know if I should be distressed that I absent mindedly threw the car keys into the kitchen bin this afternoon… or if I should be pleased that I managed to remember, several hours later, exactly what I had done when I came home from work, which is why I finally looked in the bin after searching in all the likely places I would have put the keys.

I might have got away with it if Mrs R. hadn’t wanted the car keys. She has now written her name on “her” key because the other key smells of fish (I had cooked salmon for tea and thrown the skin in the bin).

2 Responses to “Memory test”

  1. 1 Graham

    One of the most common things for anyone with Alzheimer’s or Pick’s is repetitive behaviour, things like meal being ready at the same time every time. Also a common trait is security, doors and windows locked and keys arranged and stored correctly, so losing your keys in the bin is probably nothing to worry about apart from the smell.

    • Graham – thanks for that. It’s only Mrs R who is worried by my premature senility. I know that I simply have more important things to think about 🙂

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