You couldn’t make it up (2)


Hooray. It was the King in the car park. No mention of time travel though.

Judging by the comments on the BBC website, the legacy of the Wars of the Roses and the English Reformation is still potent. It won’t be long before some people conclude that the best way to solve political disputes will be to dress up in armour, recruit an army of violent and illiterate peasants and mercenaries and march backwards and forwards across England in the rain, pausing occasionally to batter each other.

Meanwhile in Leicester a number of people are glad that they can park their cars back in the usual place and other people anticipate an influx of monarchic tourists. Who says the Plantagenets never did anything for us?

5 Responses to “You couldn’t make it up (2)”

  1. 1 Simon

    Blimey – if it is the King in the Car Park, can you imagine the size of the fine? No such thing as free parking in Leicester.

  2. 2 Graham

    Those car park attendants are tough in Leicester, they won’t let anyone out without a ticket. Rules are rule.

  3. 3 Simon

    The only thing that I am a bit disappointed about is that the time team have missed out on the biggest scoop for quite a long time. They must be gutted.

  4. 5 Steve M

    Really, Baldrick?
    Under a car park?
    That was your cunning plan?

    With apologies to Blackadder.

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