Performance objectives


Of course it is possible that world will not end shortly after 11am tomorrow. I hope it doesn’t because I’ve still got lots to do – not just things to tick off on my list before Christmas.

I’m planning to write a second draft of my story. My aim is to add another version of the tale, from a different perspective, interwoven with the original. I also want to expand on the back story of the characters, so that the reader can empathise more with some of them. It really needs to be at least three times longer to be called a novel.

I’ve got a business venture underway with a couple of friends. I’ll let you know when it hits the screen (it’s an online business, obviously)… Perhaps I’ll be recruiting some software developers in Norfolk next year if the sales develop according to plan – although I’ve already learnt that the first rule of business planning is that nothing ever follows the plan.

If the business does grow, I will have to cut back on some of my other activities. This will be difficult because I enjoy most of the work I do, but it will be a nice problem to have. You probably already noticed that I had to cut down on my blogging time this year – sorry about that, but unremunerated leisure activities always seem to be at the top of the list when cuts are needed.

At some point I mean to move this blog to a more personalized domain. I’ve been sitting on some appropriate domain names for at least 15 months, but haven’t got round to learning enough about WordPress to publish more independently.

The list of domestic jobs continues to grow, in direct proportion to the reduction in unremunerated leisure time. In 2012 I managed to redecorate one bedroom, which was the first time I had really redecorated anything. This has given me grand ambitions. I may redecorate another room in 2013. At this rate of progress most of the house will have crumbled into ruin before I get round to essential maintenance.

There is a warning light on in my car. It has been glowing for some time. About 10 months. I ought to do something about it, but as long as the car appears to work perfectly well I am inclined to dismiss it as over-protective German engineering. The car will be ten years old in six months time, so I might get it looked at to mark that milestone. Just to reassure you, when the oil light came on in Mrs R’s car, I topped up the oil straight away.

Anyway, if the apocalypse arrives none of this will get done.

At heart I am an optimist, so I’m glad that I’ve just written myself a list of objectives for the coming year. If I remember I will report back on progress this time next year. Meanwhile I’m going to take a Christmas break from blogging and I wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy, healthy and apocalypse-free new year. Thank you for reading and leaving your comments this year. See you in 2013.

6 Responses to “Performance objectives”

  1. 1 Fiona from Perth

    Happy Christmas and a merry New Year to you and all the family. Hope 2013 gives you everything you want. Thanks for all the blogs during 2012 and earlier – it is on my favourites in a “daily check” folder so please give us warning if you are planning on moving so I can find the new address 🙂

  2. 2 Rebecca Casey

    Merry Christmas Alex. Thanks again for brightening my day with your musings.

  3. 3 Mike S

    Once again, thank you for all the entertainment you have provided us over the past year – have a great break.
    In terms of start-ups and developers – are you aware of Sync Norwich?
    One of the founders – Paul Grenyer – is currently working with us at Aviva.
    These guys are passionate about supporting business start-ups, agile development and software engineering practices.

  4. Merry Christmas Alex

  5. Merry Christmas Alex!

  6. 6 Adele Chaplin

    Merry Yuletide :-). Shoutif you need migration help for the blog 🙂

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