Digital vernicle


According to 2011 census results published today, Norwich is the UK city with the highest proportion of people (42.5%) who say that they have no religious affiliation.

I’ve just done a quick check and discovered that the city of Norwich has got 2 cathedrals, 82 active churches, 5 mosques, 2 synagogues, 1 Sikh temple and 1 Hindu shrine. That makes 93 places of worship and I haven’t included Jehovah’s witnesses, Quakers and a few others.

If I was a marketing expert (or if the various faiths were large international banks) I would conclude (or their distribution strategists would conclude) that the local branch strategy isn’t working. It may be time to move to larger call centres or remote customer servicing units. Perhaps they could do more business online…

…Strangely enough, the Pope made his first tweet this morning: @pontifex churned out six further tweets during the day. Perhaps this is the spearhead of a global marketing campaign time to coincide with the celebration of Christmas present day later in the month.

Of course, the other side of the census statistic is that 57.5% of people in Norwich have declared a religious affiliation. Based on the population of Norwich, this works out at about 800 people for each place of worship…

…I doubt if any of the churches, mosques or temples are ever that crowded. Which must mean that lots of people do most of their worshipping online and only pop into one of the branches a couple of times a year, perhaps to put a bit of credit into their account.

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