Car alarm


It’s snowing and then raining and then snowing again. I need to allow time to scrape the ice off the car in the morning, but if it is slightly warmer and raining I won’t need to get up that little bit earlier. I don’t want to miss out on five minutes sleep if I don’t have to. This is typical of the sort of dilemma that you face when living in a temperate maritime climate.

There must be an app that will monitor the local weather and then adjust the alarm on my phone accordingly…

7 Responses to “Car alarm”

  1. 1 Sarah

    or put your car in the garage overnight. Works for me!

    • Sarah – I have to put Mrs R’s car in the garage overnight… There is a pecking order.

      • 3 Sarah

        It’s the same in my house. Hubby has to scrape his windscreen of a morning but due to our northly position it’s pretty much every morning and so he always loses those extra few minutes of sleep!

  2. 4 Adele Chaplin

    Put a tarp tightly over the windscreen, and invest in a bottle of Halfords fantastic squirty de-icer (not the kind in a tin)

    • Adele – you are so practical 🙂
      Once I tried putting something over the windscreen. I didn’t have a tarp, so I used an old bedspread. It rained during the night and then froze. In the morning I had to find somewhere to stand a frozen stiff car-sized bedspread.

  3. option d) just be five minutes late and blame it on the weather ;~)

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