Phew. That was fun. Thank you all very much for reading.

Now my story needs a title… Any ideas? Please leave a comment if you have a suggestion. We can all vote on any that are submitted in the next couple of days.

I’ve learnt a lot about my readers (you!) in the last few weeks: you are on at least four continents, most of you read this during the working day, but when the posts are longer more of you wait until the evening, the highest readership per hour is during the UK lunch hour (peak time in the last 5 weeks saw over 65 people reading at least one chapter during the same 60 minutes – that’s a lot of sandwiches at the desk), when I write more than 500 words in a posting the number of readers seems to reduce, but you come back again at the weekend when you read several chapters at once…etc.

Special thanks go to the one person yesterday who read all 25 chapters in succession in one hour. I’m glad that someone did that – I haven’t had time to read it all through yet.

Because this is the internet, I would be very grateful for some instant feedback please. Here are some questions…


10 Responses to “Entitlement”

  1. 1 Fiona from Perth

    I would probably have liked to know a bit more about John Barry – but other than that it had enough information about everyone to make it interesting but not too complicated.
    Given the size of each chapter I dont think there was time to add in any more characters or to add anything more about the archaeology / science / forensics.
    It was a great read and I hope you go on to publish it as an e-book and allow many more people to read it.

    • Fiona – I’ve got loads of ideas about Mr Barry. In fact the original plan was to make him a much bigger character, but as you say it was hard to fit in much more and still make each chapter consumable over a sandwich at lunchtime.

  2. 3 Andy F

    Yes, enjoyed it and did wonder for many chapters wher eit was going and would it be a good mystery. Trouble was by about chapter 20 there was the dawning realisation about what had happened, how come Ludovic didn’t work that out. Will there now be a sequel where the police have to work out where he has gone and why he has suddenly disappeared off the face of the earth?

    • Andy – yes the dawning realisation troubled me too. That’s why Ludovic is still alive at the end… (could I make it into a trilogy?)

      “…how come Ludovic didn’t work that out”? Well he would have thought it was impossible for many reasons. He’s a rational thinker. I’m still wondering if the skeleton could have been his. How could his bones exist in two places at once? Oh, and he definitely didn’t realise he was fictional.

      • This is one of the problems with reality-bending stories. We, the readers, accept the impossible because we know it’s a novel, the characters must behave as if the impossible remains just that.
        What kind of tone do you want to set with the title? My first though would be for “Ash and Bone”, but that’s because i tend naturally to the darker side ;¬)

      • Drew – Ash and Bone would be a good title for a TV series about two detectives. Like a darker Starsky and Hutch…

  3. 7 Fiona from Perth

    Alex, can I please have your permission to print your novel so I can do a small hard copy to give to my partner for Christmas? He likes a good read and I am sure he would like this. It is not often that I can say I have met the author of a book.
    If possible (were I to send you a stamped addressed envelope) could you also sign it – a signed first copy of a first novel must surely be worth something in the future.
    You have my email address (I believe) if you wish to send a private reply.

  4. How about “Card Trick” (a reference to the mysterious time-travelling ID card….)?

    • Camilla – well you would win the vote… being the only suggestion so far. Thank you for that! I’m not sure about that title though. The image which pops into my mind is of a conjuror, which doesn’t really work.

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