Chapter 14


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The police car was a disappointment. Ludovic had been expecting one of the unmarked BMWs that he sometimes saw roaring through the City with concealed lights flashing in the front grille and a wailing siren. Instead Belacar had to hoot at him twice before he realised who it was in the nondescript Ford Focus wating across the road.

“The Osborne Reynolds institute,” said Belacar as he pulled out into the traffic, “are being very helpful. I spoke to the director’s assistant this morning. I thought I was going to get fobbed off when she said that her boss was out, but she moved meetings this afternoon so that we could speak to the professor straight away.” They stopped at some traffic lights. Belacar nodded his head at an imposing glass fronted building on the left hand side of the road, “not all City institutions are quite so forthcoming when the police want an appointment.”

“Have there been any other developments?” Asked Ludovic, gripping the door handle as the car swung into a bus lane and neatly sped past a long queue.

Belacar glanced in his mirror, “the registration numbers for our company cars are all in the database so the bus lane cameras don’t give false positives,” he explained. “No new developments,” he went on, “not really. But we did get back the DNA results from the bones.”

Ludovic looked across at the detective.

“Not much help so far,” he continued. “There was a lot of contamination, we’ve picked up traces of most of your lot.”

“Well, I think that everyone in the team must have spent some time on their hands and knees breathing and sweating over the skeletons when we were unearthing them,” commented Ludovic. “We weren’t trying to keep a sterile site.”

“I suppose so,” Belacar said. “It looks as if you must have sneezed as well as panted,” he laughed, “your DNA was all over the place.”

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