Chapter 8


The Osborne Reynolds institute was one of the few 1950s buildings left in that part of the City. The white stone facade and parquet floored offices were built to replace a row of  houses that had fallen to high explosive in the blitz. It now looked incongruous amongst the glass and steel towers on either side. From her office window below the eaves on the sixth floor Professor Miriam Flatt looked down on the construction site across the narrow street.

When she first heard about the plans to build on the small car park opposite she was not surprised, although she was annoyed that her rather good view of St Pauls would be blocked by the proposed tower. She was also concerned that the dust and vibrations might affect the instruments in the laboratories.

Once the work started she had found it quite distracting. She often stood for a moment at the window watching the workmen and wondering why it all seemed to be taking such a long time to get started.

Today was no different. She had just glanced up from her computer when the police car arrived with the lights flashing. She had to stand up to look down far enough to see the policeman hurry into the portacabin. At first she thought that there must have been an accident, but she couldn’t see an anxious huddle of high-visibility clothing near any of the machines or holes.

She turned back to her desk, her plastic i.d. card rattling against her necklace and sat once more at her computer. She moved the mouse to awaken the screen, looked briefly at the notepad on the desk and began to type.

High energy distortion is not a new phenomenon, but the vortex has not previously been seen in laboratory conditions…

Outside she could hear another siren wailing and drawing closer. Perhaps there had been an accident after all.

4 Responses to “Chapter 8”

  1. 1 Jerry Darnell

    Thoroughly enjoying the story so far Alex.

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