Chapter 7


In the fug of the site office overlooking the development Martin Stevens sipped his tea. He had just noticed the leader of the archaeological team hurrying towards him up the walkway at the edge of the site and was preparing a sarcastic greeting when there was an abrupt knock on the door and a police officer walked into the room and looked around.

“Good morning officer,” boomed Stevens in his most managerial tone, just in case there was any doubt that he was in charge.

“Um… are you Doctor Vestas?” The policeman looked uncertain.

The door opened again and Ludovic peered into the office. He saw the uniformed officer, opened the door fully and stepped into the room. Stevens put his mug down on the table and seemed to expand.

“Dr. Vestas, what’s going on? Is it the Temple of Doom or the Lost Ark?”

Ludovic glanced at Stevens and addressed the policeman. “I called you. We’ve found a body… a skeleton. It was old… but I don’t think it is.”

“Oh for fuck’s sake…” blurted Stevens. He picked up a marker pen and drew a thick black line across the planner pinned to the wall beside him.

The uniformed officer paused and then asked, “please can you show me the body?”

Out on the site all work stopped as Ludovic, the policeman and a glaring Stevens processed along the planks towards the dig. Looking up, they could see faces at the windows in the adjacent building.

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