Famous brown raincoat


It was raining hard. I needed to go to the shops. I didn’t want to get wet so I put on my long brown raincoat and my wide brimmed brown leather hat.

Just before I walked out of the door I turned to Mrs R and innocently asked, “will I look stupid wearing this if it stops raining?”

She began to laugh. She laughed so loud and long that a teenager emerged from his room to see what the joke was.

“What’s the joke?” He enquired.

“He wanted to know if he would look stupid in that coat and hat if it stopped raining.”

“He looks stupid when it is raining,” he replied.

I explained that I didn’t like getting wet legs and the brim of the hat kept the rain off my glasses. I am very practical. And not at all vain.

The laughter continued.

Grumpily I took off my Australian bushwhacker ankle-length raincoat and hat. I put on my walking overtrousers (it really was raining hard) and a waterproof jacket with a logo on the back shoulder. I would look like everyone else with a logo on their shoulder and my glasses would steam up.

When I was walking home a car drove past through a puddle and splashed a bucketload of water into my face – the only part of me that was not waterproofed. I looked stupid.

4 Responses to “Famous brown raincoat”

  1. 1 Derek

    “It’s four in the morning, the end of December………… ”
    Ah! Classic stuff.

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