Sense check


Recently I was involved in a recruitment process. I was impressed that we have so many tools to measure intelligence (IQ), emotional understanding and empathy (EQ), personality types, skills and educational attainment. But as far as I can tell no one has invented a tool to measure common sense.

Common sense is usually identified by its absence.

I will become rich if I can develop a test for common sense. People in positions of responsibility sometimes do stupid things and their employers could save a lot of money if they were pre-screened for common sense (CQ).

For example, I once met a banker from southern Europe who proudly showed me how he didn’t need an adaptor plug for his two-pin European wired laptop charger. He inserted his stainless steel ballpoint pen into the earth slot of the electrical socket on the desk and then rammed the two pins of the slim Euro-plug into the other slots. It sort of fitted.

The banker’s CQ turned out to be higher than the sharp-suited consultant I met a year later. He did a very shiny powerpoint presentation and then regaled me during the coffee break with the tale of why his mobile phone didn’t work. He had been staying at a hotel in Stockholm. He had his UK mobile phone charger and no adaptor for the hotel’s European two-pin sockets. Demonstrating all the ‘out of the box thinking’ and ‘rapid innovation’ of which his employer was so proud, he quickly snipped of the ‘bulbous plug thing’ off the end of the wire with his nail scissors, plugged the lead into his phone and inserted the two bare cables into the electrical socket. “And then,” he lamented, “my phone sort of exploded”.

[If you would like to take my new CQ test to find out how much common sense you have got, please send me £50 and your email address. I will let you know your CQ rating by return.]

2 Responses to “Sense check”

  1. 1 Fiona from Perth

    Is this a low CQ or just that no one had explained the difference between a standard plug and the mini treansformer that is in a phone charger. Perhaps you are being hard on the poor chap.

    I would send the £50 for the test but unfortunately when i put it in the bit of my laprop that the discs go in nothing seems to happen 😛

  2. 2 TonyG

    There’s no address to send the £50 to!!

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