Lunchtime news


Work today took me to the headquarters of the BBC. I arrived early, at lunchtime when the sun was shining (unusually). There were lots of people milling about on the plaza outside, eating sandwiches.

Everyone looked very casual and relaxed. I was almost the only person in a suit.

I have often wondered whether TV presenters go to work in the clothes that they wear on screen. Do newsreaders travel on the tube in their newsreading suits for example?

As I stood there waiting for my appointment I recognised a TV presenter who walked past holding a sandwich and playing with his iphone. I am pleased to report that he was wearing a very smart dark grey suit and tie, just like he does on screen. It is obviously only the people on the other side of the camera who prefer the casual look.

Based on my observations, the people behind the camera outnumber the presenters by about 1,000 to 1.

One Response to “Lunchtime news”

  1. 1 Adele Chaplin

    Having lived in that world for a good few years after I left Aviva, I can confirm, yes, there’s millions of ppl behind the lens! Also, presenters seem to only wear one style of clothes, they may not be the same as on screen, but they’re v similar! Personally the biggest challenge I had at “auntie” was not saying “hi” to everyone I recognised, otherwise I’d be talking to Jeremy Clarkeson, James May et al!

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