Fun and games


I feel a bit guilty for my petulant boycott of the Olympic torch. Since I couldn’t get any tickets I decided not to grace the torch procession with my presence.

But now… I’ve got tickets. Women’s handball. A brilliant sport. I’ve been a fan for years. I’m amazed that more people don’t play it in the UK. Like netball and rugby combined. Or desert water polo.

So I’m making my Olympic plans. This involves trying to work out the mode of transport which is least likely to be delayed or disrupted… and arranging accommodation, since the inconvenient timing of the event makes an overnight stay essential.

One Response to “Fun and games”

  1. 1 drew

    I think perhaps the reason we don’t play handball is because we play rugby. Remembering some of my Norwegian friends from college who played a lot of them wouldn’t have looked at all out of place on a rugby pitch.

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