Rain dance


Because the weather forecast said it would rain later, I rushed to get the washing done and hung out. Then I hurried to my meeting.

At the meeting I moved things along quickly because the washing was on the line and it looked as if it was going to rain.

When I got home the washing was dry so I brought it in as fast as I could, before it rained. Then, because it wasn’t raining yet, I hastily left to get the shopping done. I had to do this at speed before a conference call.

After the call the sun was still shining, so I took a risk and started mowing the lawn. When I heard thunder I accelerated and got all the grass cut in record time.

Because sometimes thunderstorms disrupt the broadband connection I decided to bring forward a skype conference which I had been planning for later in the day.

The conference finished and it still hadn’t rained, so I watered the tomatoes briskly before I started cooking the dinner.

We ate at the table outside in the evening sunshine, which meant that there was less clearing up to do afterwards. I used the time saved to practice my saxophone.

The fickle summer weather might be spoiling lots of sporting and social events, but it is definitely boosting my personal productivity.

One Response to “Rain dance”

  1. 1 drew

    what is this “sun” of which you speak?

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