Not a travel agent


A teenager and I arrived in Jersey. If I had been concentrating when I booked the flight we might have arrived in Guernsey. As it was we had to catch a bus and then a ferry to get to our planned destination.

It was a mistake to search using the term “Channel Island flights” a few weeks ago when I was trying to arrange this trip to an international sporting event. If I had been more specific I would have avoided the moment after I clicked on the “confirm payment” button when I realised that one island is not the same as another. The period between the final mouse click and the realisation of what you have just paid for is known as an “Ohno” second for good reasons.

It took a lot more clicking and searching to book ferry tickets from Jersey to Guernsey that would get us there and back on the right days. The cost of the ferry and the extra hotel more than offset the benefits of the remarkably cheap flight from Southend which lured me into selecting the wrong destination in the first place.

Having said that, Guernsey and Jersey were both pleasant, very green and dripping wet in the drizzle and intermittent showers. And the England under 16 Rounders team won all their matches, so it was worthwhile.

Picture of St Peter Port Harbour just before the rain arrived

Arriving at St Peter Port, Guernsey just ahead of the rain

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