Big car, small question


Why are people in expensive cars who drive like idiots more irritating than idiot drivers in average cars?

There have been two fatal accidents and at least one serious injury accident in the last six weeks on a stretch of road where I frequently drive. This evening I was overtaken on a bend just before the site of the most recent accident, by a man driving a convertible Bentley and his glamorous blonde daughter (?). He had a personalized numberplate, but he went by so fast that I couldn’t read it. I’m guessing it was W4 NKR.

Just beyond this point on the road there is a layby where the mobile speed camera often waits. It wasn’t there this evening of course. It is only there when I’m in a hurry.

I suppose that I’m subconsciously irritated because I have been humiliated by a more dominant alpha male. It has taken a million years of evolution for me to feel this way. I probably want to usurp his genetic material.

Is this just a male reaction? Would a woman be equally irritated in the same situation?

2 Responses to “Big car, small question”

  1. 1 ann

    I blame the safety boffins. If, instead of driving a substantially made car full of airbags, he was driving a tin can with a spike sticking out of the steering wheel and pointing at his chest I expect he would have been a lot more careful!

    Remove the risks, and people push their luck.

  2. 2 Sarah

    I wouldn’t say he was a more dominant alpha male. Probably a short guy with issues!

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