Colour chat


“No you can’t choose that yellow, it’s too bright,” exclaimed Mrs R. “It will make the room too dark.”

I am planning to do some decorating. All we have to do is agree on a colour scheme.

Sometimes I don’t bother challenging her logic. I know that I have no colour sense… I realised this several years ago when a very smart and impeccable female executive whispered to me after a meeting: “that yellow shirt really doesn’t suit you… Blue would be better.” She was genuinely trying to help me.

So I take Mrs R’s advice on matters of colour. And most other things, except gadgets.

Meanwhile I continue my decorating preparations. For the last few days I have been picking a million bits of blu-tack off a former teenager’s bedroom wall. This has given me zen-like tranquility and painful fingertips.

6 Responses to “Colour chat”

  1. My dining room is yellow, it’s called something like ice yellow (not my choice it was that colour when we purchased it) I’m itching to redecorate that room.

  2. 2 Mrs R

    ‘We’ have chosen a pale green. Alex thinks it’s blue but I’m trying not to let that bother me. Is it possible to be blue/green colour-blind?

    • I can tell the difference between green and blue traffic lights. Nothing wrong with my eyes. Ha.

      • 4 Mrs R

        Well no need to worry when the ambulance with green flashing lights comes for you then.

    • 5 drew

      A quick duckduckgo tells me that blue-green colour-blindness is very common.
      I have not checked the cited sources so make no claims to the accuracy of the above.

  3. 6 anne boleyn

    lies, i picked off all the blu-tack during summer-of-doom ’11

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