Not a peep


Once again I passed the Olympic stadium on the train yesterday. I noticed that they have started wrapping it in large banners. When I saw the original plan for this I assumed that the wrapping was decorative and another chance for sponsors to promote their importance. But yesterday I realised that the wrapping is there to stop people who haven’t got tickets from even getting a glimpse of the action inside the stadium as they pass by on the train.

5 Responses to “Not a peep”

  1. 1 Sarah

    Alex go back on the ticket site there’s new tickets coming on all the time. We got tennis tickets for while we’re down today. You could still go!

  2. 2 Graham

    I purchased a new Samsung mobile tablet a month ago and got 2 free tickets to a QF mens football match, My girlfriend choose Cardiff as our venue. It works out that if Team GB win the group stages they play the QF in Cardiff on the day we are there. So a long weekend in South Wales is now booked.

    • Graham – I would have bought an iPad 🙂

      • 4 Graham

        Ipad is over priced and over hyped (in my humble opinion); and I was just replacing my mobile Android device. I can still connect to my iMac and use the iCloud so it does everything I need. + I got free ticket to an Olympic event.
        I’m now awaiting my Raspberry pi to arrive, have you ordered one?

        Apple, Raspberry pi and Ice cream sandwich, summer is here.

      • Graham – I’m looking forward to seeing Raspberry Pi taking off, especially in schools.

        I’m a sucker for over-priced and over-hyped fruit 🙂

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